Once, the digital world was made up of boy nerds. And if they developed a reputation for being overweight and lacking in certain social graces, it was generally well deserved. Believe me. Way back in the early nineties, I used to go to the best geek parties. And these early nerds were like mechanics: boring, but they sure knew how to build sleek, sexy machines that helped us communicate.

Yes, as we’ve all finally figured out, women know how to communicate even better than men do. So forget that patronizing stuff about how great it is that women are finally taking to the Net. They’re not just taking to it—they’re takin’ over! That’s right. All that vibrant, rebellious energy of the Web is where the grrrls are. And they’re a special breed: sexy women with brains and modems. Sound dangerous? I hope so. ‘Cause it’s a tangled Web they weave.

-R U Sirius